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Historic Wilma Scott Heide eBooks now available!

Originally posted on NurseManifest:
Wilma Scott Heide Two books of major significance to the modern women’s movement are now available as eBooks – “Feminism for the Health of It” by Wilma Scott Heide, and “A Feminist Legacy: The Ethics of…

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eBook now available – “A Feminist Legacy: The Ethics of Wilma Scott Heide and Company”

Back in the 1980’s, Charlene Eldridge Wheeler and I formed Margaretdaughters, Inc. – a feminist publishing company. Two of our books have major historical significance but they have long been out of print, even though it is possible to find … Continue reading

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Three brand new publications!

The past year or so has been crazy busy with major publications in the works, and now 3 of them have appeared almost simultaneously!  Two of these have histories dating back to the 1980’s! And they are actually all connected, … Continue reading

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The Mémé Stories have gone public!

A little over a year ago, I was inspired to start a blog for my granddaughters – Sophie and Elodie.  Sophie was born on April 10, 2004 and Elodie was born on December 31, 2005.  The name their parents selected … Continue reading

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New article on Cassandra just published!

Elizabeth Berrey and I have an article that was just published in Sinister Wisdom titled “Cassandra: Lesbian (Non)Presence in Nursing!”  We were delighted to have this opportunity to document some of Cassandra’s history, while at the same time reflecting on what … Continue reading

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Basketball – Which Final Four, and does it matter?

The 2014 March Madness for college basketball has now passed, and now all that is left is the Final Four events for both women and men!  I happen to be at the University of Connecticut this week, of course celebrating … Continue reading

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Women working for peace in Ukraine

Today I received a message from Maureen Flaherty for the Peace and Power blog.  Maureen used Peace and Power in her work with women from the east and from the west  in Ukraine who joined together to share their visions of … Continue reading

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Jigsaw Puzzles, anyone?

My latest blog post is on the RVing Women FreeWheelers chapter web site – on the joys of jigsaw puzzles on a mobile device!  Recently I converted the FreeWheelers web site to so that we can easily include a … Continue reading

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Today’s post on Lavender Health!

My life as a blogger may seem to be dormant, if this is the only one of my blogs that you follow!  So it occurred to me that when I post something on another one of my many blogs, I … Continue reading

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Peace & Power and other blogs!

Just in case anyone wonders where I have been in the blog-0-sphere, here is a report — I now have about a dozen wordpress sites underway!  Admitedly, not all of these are active at all times, but they all demand … Continue reading

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