In 1983, Charlene Eldridge (Wheeler) and I founded an independent feminist publishing Margaretdaughters-banner300company we named for our mothers, who were both named “Margaret.”  We published three books and three calendars!

The Books

  • Peace and Power: A Handbook of Feminist Process”  (Wheeler, Charlene Eldridge, & Chinn, Peggy L. 1984. Peace & Power: A Handbook of Feminist Process (1st ed.). Buffalo, NY: Margaretdaughters, Inc.).  The Second edition was published in 1987. This book was subsequently published by the National League for Nursing, and now is published by Jones & Bartlett.  I also have developed a web site that summarizes essential elements of both the philosophy and the process.
  •  Heide, Wilma Scott. (1985). Feminism for the health of it. Buffalo, NY: Margaretdaughters, Inc.This book is an edited and updated version of Wilma Scott Heide’s dissertation. Wilma was a nurse, the thrid President of the National Organization for Women, and was instrumental in moving the American Nurses Association to endorse the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S constitution.
  • Haney, Eleanor Humes. (1985). A feminist legacy: The ethics of Wilma Scott Heide and company. Buffalo, NY: Margaretdaughters, Inc. Eleanor was a dear friend of Wilma’s.  Her book is a wonderful account of the life and times of Wilma and her friends!

The Calendars

Charlene was a wonderful photographer, so we were inspired to a project that would document and honor the lives of notable nurses, and of women writers.  We traveled around several states in the northeast, connecting with feminist women who we knew were doing important work.  Charlene designed and produced these three wonderful calendars, which I have provided here as PDF files

1987 Everyday Sheroes

1988 Everyday Sheroes

1988 Women’s Words

3 Responses to Margaretdaughters

  1. cathwrynn says:

    I’m so happy to have found your work- via Margaret Newman’s work to the nursology blog and your peace/power theory, and from there to your blog pages, and now here.

    I’m an RN from South Africa, going through a new phase of professional and academic growth. I’m grateful to you and your colleagues for making your work available in ways that can be accessed despite lower resourced settings. I guess this is simply a hello and a thank you!!

    • Peggy Chinn says:

      How wonderful to hear from you!! And what a wonderful journey getting to this particular spot! Please consider writing for about your work, and how you are using Margaret Newman’s ideas!

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