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Disrupting Traditional Nursing Education

Source: Disrupting Traditional Nursing Education

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Guidelines for Resistance

It has been one week since we posted the Nurses Declaration of Solidarity and Resistance, and today we registered 833 signatories, and still counting!  But what matters is that nurses are not only …

Source: Guidelines for Resistance

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An Anthem Affirming Truth!

Thank you to Monica Pasqual and Blame Sally for this haunting anthem resisting the attempt to normalize the behavior of lies from those who recently came into the Executive Branch of the U.S. government.  Monica composed this song 16 years ago …. but so timely for today.

Lyrics (copied from https://blamesally.bandcamp.com/track/if-you-tell-a-lie):

If you tell a lie again and again
it does not become the truth in the end
If your voice is loud and your lies are well heard
still it does not mean transformation has occurred

Water isn’t wine, brass isn’t gold
One day you’ll account for all the lies that you told

If you take the forest, if you steal it tree by tree
If you blacken the river, if you desecrate the sea
You can wave your arms,
You can shout out from on high
But the truth is still the truth
and a lie is still a lie

Water isn’t wine, brass isn’t gold
One day you’ll account
for all the priceless things you sold

You can speak of God
while you lead your Holy War
As if your hands weren’t stained
by the oil you adore
More innocents will die
and more soldiers will fall
You name your church for God
but it was greed that built those walls

Water isn’t wine, brass isn’t gold
One day you’ll account
for all the lives that you stole

Two faced yes fool
Pin striped suit ghoul

You can make a promise
and some people might believe
That you are not beholden to the power,
to the greed
But if they should fall ill,
or their schools should fall down
Should they fall on hard times
Well I doubt you’ll be around

Water isn’t wine, brass isn’t gold
And it’s wrong that we should pay
for a crown that you stole
Water isn’t wine, brass isn’t gold
One day you’ll account
for all the lies that you told


from Severland, released May 8, 2007
Words and Music: Monica Pasqual
© 2007 It’s Not Her Fault Music, ASCAP

Blame Sally:
Pam Delgado: Percussion, guitar, vocals
Renée Harcourt: Guitar, bass, banjo, harmonica, vocals
Jeri Jones: Guitar, bass, dobro, mandoline, vocals
Monica Pasqual: piano, keys, accordion, melodica, vocals

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Mystery “Home” post – Rebellious Nurses in the Bay Area

The post that came through yesterday was actually a mistake that happened as I was setting up the new website and blog for the Bay Area Rebellious Nurses group!  Sarah Koster is the actual “engine” making this happen – she has been tirelessly prodding a small group of us in Oakland and the Bay Area to get together and take action!  We met yesterday, determined to move forward!  Of course part of what is driving us is our deep concern about the new US administration, and commitment to resist in every possible way to do our part to protect justice and equality in healthcare.

So we set up the website and blog, set a time and place for a monthly gathering, and are starting the process of sharing resources, information and notices about actions that we can take as individuals and as a group. Sarah has connections with many other activist groups in the area, many of which we, as rebellious nurses, can and will collaborate with in the months ahead.  One important resource that everyone needs to have on hand is the Indivisible Guide – check it out!

Interested in Rebellious Nurses nationwide? Visit our national Rebellious Nursing website to see what else is happening around the U.S. – and perhaps even worldwide!


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Nurses working together

Source: Home

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Making the Facts Louder than Opinions!

In the wake of the US elections, I have been focused on finding all the ways that I can stand on the side of equality, justice and health for all, and resist the many trends threatening these values.  There are big, major, highly visible and important ways to do this, but there are also the little, less visible and extremely important ways to do this – one being to pay attention to the trends that have resulted in “fake news” and develop habits that protect us from being “caught in the trap.”  Any of us can succomb to being misled. Our only protection is knowing how to sort out fact from opinion, reputable sources from disreputable sources.

So I was thrilled to discover (by way of a post on the Scholarly Kitchen) an amazing video by Weather.com, posted on December 6, 2016, showing meteorologist Kait Parker delivering a message titled “Note to Breitbart: Earth is not cooling, climate change Is real and please stop using our video to mislead Americans.”  Her main message – “let’s make the facts louder than opinions!”  So many kudos to Kait and to the Weather Channel! Your message is a gift to the earth and to all of us on it!

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Grieving for my country

There is no other way to say this – the U.S. election of Donald Trump as President has gripped me with grief, and fear.  As each day passes, further news of the dys-function of this man, and …

Source: Grieving for my country

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Cassandra in Cleveland history preserved at Ohio State University

Sharon Deevey, a good friend and member of Cassandra:Radical Feminist Nurses Network in Cleveland, just notified me of the archive of Cassandra materials at the Medical Heritage Center, Prior Health Sciences Library, The Ohio State University 376 W. 10th Ave. Columbus, OH 43210.  Here is a PDF that shows details of the collection!

Cassandra only existed as an active entity for about 8 years.  We had 3 national gatherings and published a newsletter three times a year for 7 years!  But the spirit of Cassandra persists in many forms!  I co-authored an article with Elizabeth Berrey (also from the Cleveland Web) about Cassandra that was published in Sinister Wisdom in 2014, and you can also download all of the newsjournals from the Cassandra page on this website!

Newsjournal Masthead

Newsjournal Masthead

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Reflections on Productivity

This post closes my series of posts on the matter of productivity!  It has been an interesting experience, in part because it clearly affirms for me the benefits of blogging!  In a way, blogging is akin to journaling – the difference being that journaling is done without concern for an audience (there is no audience) whereas with blogging it behooves the blogger to move away from self-indulgence and consider what might interest the audience!  This series has prompted more responses (mostly from my friends!) than any other posts on this blog, which affirms that there was at least a modicum of audience interest in what I had to say!

But here is where this blogging experience and journaling come together – I have also benefited from this reflective excursion into my own approaches to getting things done!  Here are a couple of the “lessons” I have learned in this process:

  • Even though I speak a firm line about what I do, or more accurately what I intend to do, the reality is not quite so clear-cut!  My to-do list has lagged about a day-and-a-half “behind” for most of the duration of this series of posts!  Part of this has to do with the kinds of things that happen to everyone .. fighting a bad cold, unexpected family events, fascination with the current political events and drawn to paying attention to what is happening, way too much email that I need to tend to – you get the picture!  So the ideal and the real are a bit out of sync!  And for some reason, my dedication to this series has persisted despite the to-do list lagging – it has been a compelling project that has drawn me away from the scheduled to-dos!
  • Writing about the ideal has in fact influenced my “real” behaviors!  Every time I have posted a new blog about one of the tools I am using, and my commitments related to that tool, my daily engagement with those tools has definitely been more focused!  For example, my use of Evernote has evolved over time, and once I focused on it in the process of writing the blog, I moved into a “space” of better clarity about how Evernote fits into my overall productivity strategy.

Most important …a bottom line emerged that ironically led me to a stronger sense that what I do has little or nothing to do with being productive!  If I am totally honest, my own approach to this all boils down to my age 10 fascination with “Cheaper by the Dozen!” I just love being efficient!  It is kind of like the habits that we all take for granted – like the sleeping positions we prefer, or the morning routine that gets us up and out the door, or the little habits of affection that we establish with those we care about. For me, that very early fascination with efficiency ingrained in me something that is more than a habit .. it is a way of being!  Like all of these little “things” that constitute who I am, or who you are, there is no reason to expect that we can, or should, aspire to copying anyone else’s ways of being. I have no idea why reading of a book grabbed my attention in such a powerful way at the age of 10!

So here’s to each of us finding the ways that work for getting things done … each of us, in our own ways!

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