Overdue Reckoning on Racism in Nursing

We are soon entering the second full year of this important project, conducted under the umbrella of the NurseManifest Project. Lucinda Canty (UMass Amherst), Christina Nyirati (Heritage University), and I form the leadership team for this project. In the process of this work we have created an international network of nurses of color and others who are seriously dedicated to creating an anti-racist future for nursing. The project began with a Fall 2020 5-week series of Zoom sessions in which over 100 nurses joined together to engage in discussions led by nurses of color, exploring the nature of racism in nursing and visions for an anti-racist future for nursing. There is now a network of nurses providing support for one another as we each undertake various projects and initiatives that are grounded in the deep desire to end racism in nursing and healthcare.

The project has also yielded a collection of stories available to view on the Reckoning” website. This project was produced through the generous support of Seedworks Films, in conjunction with StoryCenter, an international participatory media organization. The nurses contributed their stories in order to lend their voices to an anti-racist future for nursing and healthcare.

We will be unveiling the next phase of this project in the late summer of 2022 – so follow our work on the website, and join our email lists here!

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Jessica Dillard-Wright Dissertation Defense: Topic – Cassandra Radical Feminist Nurses Network: Feminism, Nursing and History for the Present

On October 29, 2020, Jessica Dillard-Wright successfully defended her doctoral dissertation at the College of Nursing, Augusta University! She has obtained permission to have the recording of her defense distributed – it is of course an important topic for me personally, but this recording shows an exemplar doctoral defense presentation!

Download dissertation defense announcement

About Jessica

Jessica Dillard-Wright lives, works, and plays in Augusta, Georgia with her/their beautiful family, which includes Devi, Atticus, Oscar, and Tallulah Dillard-Wright. Jessica is faculty at Augusta University College of Nursing and director for the College’s Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. In addition to Jessica’s academic work, she/they is also involved in activist work to foster a more just, equitable future for people, communities, nursing, healthcare, everyone. She/they is an organizing member of the Radical Nurses Collective, the Nursology Theory Collective, the Compost Collaborative, Nursing Mutual Aid, and the Transform Nursing Reading to Action Initiative. She/they also knits relentlessly!

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Today – the official launch of Nursology.net!

I am so thrilled to be able to let everyone know this project is underway!!   Today – the official launch of Nursology.net!  This is the “launch” but it is only a start!  If anyone has ever doubted that nursing has a clear definition, or felt that nursing knowledge is not pertinent to “the real world” — this site starts to destroy these kinds of “noise pollution” messages that keep us from recognizing the power of our ideas – and the power of nursing!  I know that these damaging messages exist and that there are ways in which they are also real – but like any form of pollution, they are not the whole of reality, and we can do something to clear it out!  This site is a step in that direction – I hope you will visit the site and take a look around!

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A tribute to Anna Deavere Smith

From time to time I have occasion to once again dwell in the incredible land of Anna Deavere Smith – a playright, actress and activist whose work ranks among my very favorite!  Today was one of those occasions, and since this, my personal blog, has been sadly neglected lately, it  occurred to me that this is the perfect place to share a couple of my favorite clips.  Her work is significant for its implications for nursing – including her significant role in the TV series “Nurse Jackie” (see Sandy Summer’s reviews of several episodes here).

These episodes focus on healthcare – the scripts for each character Smith portrays are verbatim excerpts from her interviews of the actual individuals, exporing experiences and viewpoints of a wide diversity of people who encounter the system in some way.




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Want to publish your work? Think, Check, Submit!

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Disrupting Traditional Nursing Education

Source: Disrupting Traditional Nursing Education

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Guidelines for Resistance

It has been one week since we posted the Nurses Declaration of Solidarity and Resistance, and today we registered 833 signatories, and still counting!  But what matters is that nurses are not only …

Source: Guidelines for Resistance

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An Anthem Affirming Truth!

Thank you to Monica Pasqual and Blame Sally for this haunting anthem resisting the attempt to normalize the behavior of lies from those who recently came into the Executive Branch of the U.S. government.  Monica composed this song 16 years ago …. but so timely for today.

Lyrics (copied from https://blamesally.bandcamp.com/track/if-you-tell-a-lie):

If you tell a lie again and again
it does not become the truth in the end
If your voice is loud and your lies are well heard
still it does not mean transformation has occurred

Water isn’t wine, brass isn’t gold
One day you’ll account for all the lies that you told

If you take the forest, if you steal it tree by tree
If you blacken the river, if you desecrate the sea
You can wave your arms,
You can shout out from on high
But the truth is still the truth
and a lie is still a lie

Water isn’t wine, brass isn’t gold
One day you’ll account
for all the priceless things you sold

You can speak of God
while you lead your Holy War
As if your hands weren’t stained
by the oil you adore
More innocents will die
and more soldiers will fall
You name your church for God
but it was greed that built those walls

Water isn’t wine, brass isn’t gold
One day you’ll account
for all the lives that you stole

Two faced yes fool
Pin striped suit ghoul

You can make a promise
and some people might believe
That you are not beholden to the power,
to the greed
But if they should fall ill,
or their schools should fall down
Should they fall on hard times
Well I doubt you’ll be around

Water isn’t wine, brass isn’t gold
And it’s wrong that we should pay
for a crown that you stole
Water isn’t wine, brass isn’t gold
One day you’ll account
for all the lies that you told


from Severland, released May 8, 2007
Words and Music: Monica Pasqual
© 2007 It’s Not Her Fault Music, ASCAP

Blame Sally:
Pam Delgado: Percussion, guitar, vocals
Renée Harcourt: Guitar, bass, banjo, harmonica, vocals
Jeri Jones: Guitar, bass, dobro, mandoline, vocals
Monica Pasqual: piano, keys, accordion, melodica, vocals

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Mystery “Home” post – Rebellious Nurses in the Bay Area

The post that came through yesterday was actually a mistake that happened as I was setting up the new website and blog for the Bay Area Rebellious Nurses group!  Sarah Koster is the actual “engine” making this happen – she has been tirelessly prodding a small group of us in Oakland and the Bay Area to get together and take action!  We met yesterday, determined to move forward!  Of course part of what is driving us is our deep concern about the new US administration, and commitment to resist in every possible way to do our part to protect justice and equality in healthcare.

So we set up the website and blog, set a time and place for a monthly gathering, and are starting the process of sharing resources, information and notices about actions that we can take as individuals and as a group. Sarah has connections with many other activist groups in the area, many of which we, as rebellious nurses, can and will collaborate with in the months ahead.  One important resource that everyone needs to have on hand is the Indivisible Guide – check it out!

Interested in Rebellious Nurses nationwide? Visit our national Rebellious Nursing website to see what else is happening around the U.S. – and perhaps even worldwide!


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Nurses working together

Source: Home

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