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In brief –

Peggy L. Chinn, RN, PhD, DSc(Hon), FAAN is Professor Emerita of Nursing at the University of Connecticut. Her BS in nursing is from the University of Hawaii, and Master’s and PhD degrees from the University of Utah. She is the Founding Editor (now Emerita) of Advances in Nursing Science. Her published works focus on nursing knowledge development, feminism and nursing, the art of nursing, nursing education, LGBTQ health, and anti-racism in nursing. She is co-founder and web manager for, and blogs regularly on,  Advances in Nursing Science, and Nurse Manifest. She is an active member and volunteer leader (with Leslie Nicoll) of the International Academy of Nursing Editors (INANE). Since retiring in 2003, she has taught doctoral level courses using hybrid methods (online and face-to-face) for the University of Connecticut, Florida Atlantic University, and Louisiana State University. In September 2020, she joined Lucinda Canty and Christina Nyrati to launch the “Overdue Reckoning on Racism in Nursing” project, an ongoing project that brings nurses of color to the center in acknowledging the reality of racism in nursing, and begins a process of healing and change.

My scholarly interests include:

  • Nursing theory and knowledge development
  • Writing and publishing in print and social media
  • Feminist, critical/emancipatory, & postmodern theories and methodologies
  • Cooperative group process
  • Art and Aesthetics
  • Wholistic/caring theories and modalities
  • LGBTQ Health


BS in Nursing, University of Hawaii, 1964, Distinguished Alumna Award, June, 1997

MS in Child Health Nursing, University of Utah, 1970. Distinguished alumna Award, May 1988

PhD in Educational Psychology, University of Utah, 1971


The following list shows examples of my typical approaches to teaching at all levels of education.

Baccalaureate level:

  • A senior level theoretical foundations course (Nursing 235) that focuses on Aesthetic Knowing in Nursing. View the 2003 syllabus: 235-01
  • A freshman level “Introduction to Health” course that is required of all nursing majors, and open to all students in the University.  I have taught the section that is synchronous on 5 campuses, and uses WebCT for all assignments, quizzes, and communications.  View the Nursing 110 syllabus here.
  • Introduction to the Art of Nursing. This was an elective course (offered once) that I developed from my Aesthetic Inquiry Project. View Nursing 198 – the Art of Nursing Syllabus for the Spring of 1998. Please contact me if you are interested in this approach to teaching, or in “content” related to the art of nursing.

Master’s Level

Nursing Theory (Nursing 350) that explores the development of grand, mid-range and situation-specific nursing theories, nursing’s fundamental patterns of knowing, and the links between advanced nursing practice and developing nursing knowledge. View syllabus Nursing 350.

Doctoral Level

Before retiring from UConn in 2003, I taught Theory Development course (Nursing 414) that focuses on advanced concepts of nursing knowledge development. View Nursing 414_2003 syllabus.  Since retiring, I have taught doctoral courses focusing on nursing knowledge development at UConn (most recently spring 2017), Florida Atlantic University (2012 through present) and Louisiana State University (most recently Fall 2017). See the syllabus for Fall 2019: NGR #7111, Evolution of Nursing as a Discipline and Practice.

Publications, Research and other scholarship

For a complete list of my scholarship, go to my Curriculum Vita using the link at the top of the right sidebar.


Major publications

Peace and Power: New Directions for Building Community (9th edition, 2022). This book has been used internationally by women’s peace groups, nursing groups, hospital committees, church and community groups to guide their shift toward cooperative, egalitarian ways of working together. The 9th edition features anti-racism activism as central to building communities for the future. Also see the Peace and Power website, which provides essential overview of the process.

Knowledge Development in Nursing: Theory and Process (11th Edition, 2021). Co-authored with Maeona K. Kramer and Kathleen Sitzman. The hallmark of this book is our development of nursing’s patterns of knowing based on Barbara Carper’s initial conceptualization, the addition of emancipatory knowing and integration of emancipatory knowing with Carper’s four fundamental patterns of knowing in nursing.  In the 11th edition we provide learning guidance for entry and for advanced level learners, and address the role of research and practice in the development of the whole of knowing.


  • Organizing team member with Lucinda Canty and Christina Nyirati of the “Overdue Reckoning on Racism in Nursing” initiative.
  • Co-founder (2018) and web manager (2018-present) for, a major and indispensable website providing historical and contemporary resources related to knowledge development in nursing.
  • Consultation and presentations worldwide on doctoral curriculum development, feminism and nursing, publishing, and a number of topics related to wholistic healing modalities in nursing.
  • Actively involved in various efforts to support LGBT nurses, including co-manager of the GLMA Nursing Section.
  • Co-founder, with Mickey Eliason, Sue Dibble and Jeanne DeJoseph of
  • Co-founder of the Nurse Manifest Project.  Developer and manager of web site for the project.
  • Web designer for Eastern Nursing Research Society and the University of Connecticut School of Nursing, 1997-2002.
  • Co-founder of Cassandra: Radical Feminist Nurses Network, 1982-1989. The sidebar links are for pdf files of the Cassandra Newsjournal. You need Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or later to read these files. They are large, so be patient!

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