Prop 8 hearings on Dec. 6

From time to time I come across an issue or a resource that is important to me and that I want to share. And in sharing, invite others to comment and share your thoughts!   This blog will do just that!

So to start, I went on line to find out what is there if you google “Prop 8” or something similar to this tag.  The hearing at the next level of appeal is set for December 6, and the proceedings will be broadcast on CSPAN from 10 to noon PST.

Amazingly, I did find a number of links but none of the top links led to the spot where you can download the actual PDF file of Judge Walker’s ruling.  This is quite distressing, because the ruling is extremely important and so I have posted a link to the PDF here.  BUT the issue I want to mention here is that almost every link that google shows, includes a link to a web site called — the intent and content of which of course you can guess!

The intensity of this issue is amazing. And in instance after instance, the only “voice” or “reason” or “justification” that comes up in opposition to gay rights is that of the religious right.  Judge Walker’s ruling makes this very clear.   The “lame duck” congress is sitting on the edge of the DADT policy in the military, we have the gay marriage thing going on, and the gay marriage issue is on the brink and in both instances, they are not being held back by public opinion (although there is a significant proportion of the public still against us), but rather by an “army” of religious zealots.

Bottom line, I have strong opinions about “militarization” and “marriage” — the two of which are strangely related, after all.  So stay tuned .. I just might blog a bit more about the links I see here!  But despite my “strong opinions” that contradict both militarization and marriage, the reality is that we live in a world where both prevail, and the bottom line on human rights in our contemporary social context is that  1)DADT needs to be repealed, and 2) barriers to same-sex marriage need to be dismantled.  The larger “causes” of course are further down the road:  1) pursue diplomacy above aggression, and 2) disconnect the civil rights of committed partnerships (the state’s recognition, in come countries called civil unions) for all people, from the optional religious traditions of “marriage”.

I welcome your comments and thoughts!

About Peggy L Chinn

feminist, nurse activist, writer, founding editor of ANS Advances in Nursing Science, quilter, grandmother nurturing the future of the amazing children in my life.
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    Just leaving a comment to affirm that awkward grammar is OK on this blog!!!

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