Peace and Power – a dozen and one things you can do!

I am working on the 8th Edition of Peace and Power: Creative Leadership for Building Community.  The 1st edition was published in 1984, with Charlene Eldridge as the lead author.  After Charlene died in 1993, I have continued this work, and like the Nurse Manifest project, it continues to hold a small but steady presence in the Peace and Power: Creative Leadership for Building Communityworld.  The last couple of editions have not involved major changes, and this one will not either in terms of the basic ideas.  But I am giving is a big work-over, with an eye to having an e-book edition as well as lots of web connections for interaction.  Not sure how that will work out yet, but stay tuned!  And send along any and all suggestions along the way!

The main reason I am posting about this now, though, is to share a bit that Charlene and I created for an edition that came out during the 1st gulf war.  This list of “a dozen and one things you can do to create peace” remains so important, and I love to just think about these things from time to time as a gentle reminder that there are important things to do, but also and perhaps more important, things to focus our attention on instead of the angst of all things crazy!  Here is the list:

A Dozen and One Important Things You Can Do to Create Peace on Earth

1. Plant and nurture something that grows.

2. Practice the fine art of yielding—in your car, in conversation, etc.

3. Become active in a group that works on principles of cooperation, on principles of Peace and Power.

4. Fill your home, work, and commuting environments with visual and auditory images of peace and tranquility.

5. Do at least one thing to simplify your life and reduce your consumption of disposable products.

6. Do at least one thing to reduce your consumption of natural resources.

7. Move toward a vegetarian diet.

8. Learn and practice some form of meditation.

9. Learn and practice ways to reduce hostile interactions with others.

10. Exchange gentle forms of touch regularly.

11. Express appreciation to at least one individual or group every day.

12. Help three children learn three things on this list.

13. Pass this list along to someone else.

About Peggy L Chinn

feminist, nurse activist, writer, founding editor of ANS Advances in Nursing Science, quilter, grandmother nurturing the future of the amazing children in my life.
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2 Responses to Peace and Power – a dozen and one things you can do!

  1. peggychinn says:

    Definitely you can share the link to the book! the link is in the post above, and you can send it to others … but here it is again – just click on the title and you will go to the page! Peace and Power: Creative Leadership for Building Community

  2. Kathy Pearce FWRVW (Mr. B's Mom) says:

    I’m interested in your publication and, with your permission, would like to share it with like minded friends that are either nurses, peace workers, or in similar fields. If it’s ok what is the best way to forward just the book link to them? Kathy

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