Perfect day for a bit of comic relief!

Today the political news highlight — Anthony Weiner’s confession — was very disturbing. Here is a man who seemed to be a politician with integrity, good sense, and most important a terrific ability to stand up for a cause with good humor.  So this confession was a huge disappointment.  If you missed the Melissa Harris-Perry’s interview on Rachel Maddow’s show – check it out.  As she so elogquently points out, this is not just a scandal, but this sort of thing, in this day and age, represents a betrayal of public trust, and it is no longer acceptable for public officials to indulge in “ick” (unlike prior generations of politicians during times when private lives could be hidden from view).

So in bad need of comic relief, I turned to one of my very favorite YouTube videos … one I hope the our President watches every single day of his elected life!

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4 Responses to Perfect day for a bit of comic relief!

  1. peggychinn says:

    Great perspective, Bear! We certainly need two things to happen … politicians who have any sense of responsibility in their public roles to behave with greater integrity where the public trust is concerned, and a public that holds politicians responsible for their failures in governing. Hopefully, this kind of discussion will heighten awareness of both sets of issues! Peggy

  2. Thomas Cox says:

    Well you certainly have an interesting sense of humor.

    While I find it offensive that he lied – it really makes me wonder if we are ultimately increasing the degree to which people misrepresent themselves, especially politicians.

    What we want and need from elected officials, civil servants, and national leaders is a focus on good policy making. What we have been getting for more than two centuries are venal, self-serving politicians who we run out of office for all the wrong reasons.

    We should be running these miscreants out of office because they are ignorant, bumbling fools, not because of who they love, have sex with, flirt with, or even who they are “icky” with.

    So, in all likelihood we will lose a generally effective, intelligent policymaker over some stupid behavior unrelated to the quality of his major task – articulating effective policy. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush managed to avoid much scandal, well so far anyway, but they were among our worst policymakers.

    I wish both of them had spent more time in sex scandals and less time screwing our country.

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