Welcome to my combined personal, political and professional website, built on the premise that indeed the personal is political! You can choose where you want to go, but I especially invite you to visit the amazing Nursology.net web site (not just a website, it’s an experience!) and return here to enjoy a few videos (below) – most of them short, but all are important and interesting!


An Anthem for the DJT era – thank you Monica Pasqual and Blame Sally!

Social Media – get on board! This is the 2011 version (my favorite) but the 2015 version is at the end of this page if you want an update on the stats!

A young feminist, Laci Green, tells it like it is!

Social Media update – 2015

17 Responses to Welcome!

  1. LORENZO Camille says:

    Dear Peggy CHINN,

    I’m a french nurse who follow a new formation in advanced practice. I would be honored if you would agree to answer some of my questions.

    Thank you

    Camille LORENZO

  2. Ted Millich says:

    Have you ever heard of Sociocracy (Dynamic Governance)? Your method sounds somewhat similar.

  3. Teddy Jones Alumbres says:

    Hi Ms. Peggy Chinn, I am from the philippines and I am a bif fan of you. I hope we will meet someday. By the way I am a nurse from the philippines

    • Peggy Chinn says:

      Thank you so much for connecting – almost two years ago! With many many apologies, I finally have found your comment and even though so belated, want to thank you for your comment.

  4. kalinacoeli@gmail.com says:

    Dra. Chinn!

    Sou aluna do doutorado no Brasil
    Fale um pouco da Teoria criada por você e por Kramer. Apresentarei um seminário sobre a teoria de vocês.
    I’m a doctoral student in Brazil
    Tell me a little about the Theory you and Kramer created. I will present a seminar on your theory

  5. kalinacoeli@gmail.com says:

    Dra. Chinn!
    Me fale sobre sua teoria da Enfermagem cuja autoria é sua e de Kramer. Irei apresentar essa teoria no doutorado
    Tell me about your Nursing theory whose authorship is yours and Kramer’s. I will present this theory in the doctorate

  6. Nancy Wilkening Durance says:

    Wow! I just came across your site as I was researching information for debates with my congressman tonight on ACA. I am a pediatric nurse from CWRU & UCSF and used your textbook many times. For the last 30 years I have been a Hosp Admin & Heathcare Consultant. I have Lobbist in DC for healthcare. Your career is a real inspiration to me.

  7. I want to know what vitamins you take to be able to maintain so many web sites, blogs, edit journals, teach courses and still have time to have a fabulous life? You are quite the inspiration. I hope that life after PhD will allow some such similar profuse and profound creativity.

  8. Lisa Eger says:

    I would like to thank you for inspiring me to do more with my nursing career and to espire to become a nursing leader such as yourself. I currently am the President of Hawaii Association of Professional Nurses. My roots lie in graduating from a very alternative nursing BSN program in Victoria Canada in 1997. I still recall reading your book for the first time in 1995 and feeling I had finally found something that was speaking my language from my soul. I have gone about my career but find myself now more than ever returning to my roots. We are having Dr. Jean Watson speak in January and I am wondering if you would be interested in coming to Honolulu sometime in the next year. I am setting up our big conference in Oct next year and was hoping that your schedule may allow a trip to Honolulu.

    I am also trying to implement your peace and power approach to our organization when Roberts Rules have been used for so long…. I still can’t get it. Any ideas on how I should transition the change in our group?

    It has been my life long dream to become a nursing leader and theorist as yourself and Dr. Watson. i feel you are both speaking the same language. Any guidance appreciated. I am a cardiology NP in a private cardiology practice dying to start my own primary care practice. I am simply waiting for my husband to get his start up company off the ground then I will venture into mine. Before I do so I feel I do need to educated the public more on what am NP truly is first. My other passion is health care reform and changing the barriers to nursing practice.

    I would like to do my doctorate, any advice as to where and focus? I read your CV and was surprised to find that you graduated from UH, small world. Now I really feel bonded and know I am in the right place after all these years. I just finished designing our website, well not complete but workable and posted. Check us out. http://www.hapn-nurses.org

    Looking forward to your insights.

    Lisa Eger MSN, MBA, APRN FNP

  9. Lori Forsyth says:

    Dr. Chinn,
    This semester, I began my MSN, hoping to graduate as both an educator and a nurse practitioner.(Currently , I work in Austin, TX as a staff nurse in a pediatric emergency room). In my nursing theory course, this semester, my partner and I had the privilege of giving a presentation on emancipatory knowing. It was enlightening to read about the revolving chair and to discover this blog and website. Thank you for this website and the helpful counsel on how group discussions can be more reflective and mutually beneficial!

  10. Kimberly Y. Harris Eaton says:

    Dr. Chinn, 10 years ago we met over coffee and you advice me to complete my MSN as I journeyed towards my PhD. Sound advice! I am now armed with my MSN however I have moved back to CT as an ABD. I wish to complete my PhD and transition from acute care management / education / program developer to a role in academia. I am passionate about successfully preparing new graduate for practice. Any suggestions appreciated.

    • peggychinn says:

      How great to hear from you and congratulations on the progress you have made! Of course I encourage you to finish your PhD .. so let’s be in touch to discuss more details! You can use the contact form that is on the main menu bar above, and then we can be in touch by email! Peggy

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