My web site has grown to reflect a wide range of interests – personal, political and professional. The site begins with videos that capture my interests, and that reflect my own outlook and hopes for the future.

The other pages on this site contain information related to both professional and personal spheres. The right sidebar on each page includes various ways to connect, but also current tidbits that just need to be called out! Most important, there are many places where you can leave comments, feedback and ideas!  I would be delighted to hear from you!

More Women in any language!

Social Media – get on board!

A young feminist, Laci Green, tells it like it is!

4 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Lori Forsyth says:

    Dr. Chinn,
    This semester, I began my MSN, hoping to graduate as both an educator and a nurse practitioner.(Currently , I work in Austin, TX as a staff nurse in a pediatric emergency room). In my nursing theory course, this semester, my partner and I had the privilege of giving a presentation on emancipatory knowing. It was enlightening to read about the revolving chair and to discover this blog and website. Thank you for this website and the helpful counsel on how group discussions can be more reflective and mutually beneficial!

  2. Kimberly Y. Harris Eaton says:

    Dr. Chinn, 10 years ago we met over coffee and you advice me to complete my MSN as I journeyed towards my PhD. Sound advice! I am now armed with my MSN however I have moved back to CT as an ABD. I wish to complete my PhD and transition from acute care management / education / program developer to a role in academia. I am passionate about successfully preparing new graduate for practice. Any suggestions appreciated.

    • peggychinn says:

      How great to hear from you and congratulations on the progress you have made! Of course I encourage you to finish your PhD .. so let’s be in touch to discuss more details! You can use the contact form that is on the main menu bar above, and then we can be in touch by email! Peggy

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