Three brand new publications!

The past year or so has been crazy busy with major publications in the works, and now 3 of them have appeared almost simultaneously!  Two of these have histories dating back to the 1980’s! And they are actually all connected, in that they all revolve around the idea of emancipatory change and social justice.  EmancipatoryNursing

First, a wonderful book edited by Paula Kagan, Marlaine Smith and me – Philosophies and Practices of Emancipatory Nursing: Social Justice as Praxis.  This is a wonderful collection of original chapters written by some of the leading critical scholars in nursing.  Here is a flyer that gives you a 20% discount if you order directly from the publisher!  


KnowledgeDevThen another book – the 9th edition of the book that started out as a theory development book in 1984!  Maeona and I have coauthored this text throughout all 9 editions, with each edition bringing major new content!  This edition carries a new title that represents what we have been working for the entire 30 years!  The new title is “Knowledge Development in Nursing: Theory and Process.”  In this book we extend the concept of emancipatory knowing as fundamental to all that nursing is. 


And finally – an article that Adeline Falk-Rafael co-authored with me, just published in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship!  Peace and Power: A Theory of Emancipatory Group Process.  Here is the citation of the early view article: 

 Chinn, P. L. and Falk-Rafael, A. (2014), Peace and Power: A Theory of Emancipatory Group Process. Journal of Nursing Scholarship. doi: 10.1111/jnu.12101

This article has a history dating back to my membership in the collective of women who ran Emma: Bufflao Women’s bookstore.  It was in that collective that I first learned the essential elements of the process, resulting in the book that now has a companion Blog and Website! 

I hope that if you find your way to any of these publications, you will return here, and leave some comments and responses!  I welcome your feedback!  


About Peggy L Chinn

feminist, nurse activist, writer, founding editor of ANS Advances in Nursing Science, quilter, grandmother nurturing the future of the amazing children in my life.
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4 Responses to Three brand new publications!

  1. Kathleen Fahy says:

    Dear Peggy, I am so pleased to see your new publications. I will buy personal copies of each and multiple copies for our University library (Southern Cross University, Australia). Your work is lucid, rigorous, engaging and values based. Your leadership in critically engaged research and scholarship continues to inspire me and my students. Best wishes, Kathleen Fahy

  2. Sandra Morris says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Hugs, Sandy

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